Giovanna Gonzalez: The Future Awesome Pharmacist

Giovanna G

Angelica Gonzalez, Reporter
May 20, 2014

Giovanna Gonzalez loves to listen to music and spend time with her friends and family. She describes herself as a hard-working person. Gonzalez was born in Castro Valley, California. She enjoys hanging out with friends, relaxing and being herself. She has been playing the girl’s soccer team since freshman... Read more »

Christian Peregrina: The Soon to be Chef

Cristian p

Samuel Cervantes, Reporter
May 20, 2014

Christian Peregrina, King’s Student Body who not only leads his school but encourages others. Christian Perigrina’s younger years consisted of learning with everyone around him. He isn’t the type of person to think negatively about situations, instead he works to improve himself and the people... Read more »

Noreen Castellanos: Future Pediatrician

Noreen C

Myra Alanis-Palomares, Reporter
May 20, 2014

Students may think Noreen Castellanos, a senior here at King is timid and quiet, but in actuality she is full of spirit and  humor.   Many people may know Castellanos as a shy girl, but many people might not know that she is very compassionate and outgoing; it’s something you get to learn from... Read more »

Anthony Jr. Bueno: The Survivor

Anthony Bueno 2

Ben Moua, Reporter
May 20, 2014

Anthony Bueno is finishing his final year in high school ready to start his life in community college, but his goals reach far beyond. Bueno is a silent, secluded man who prefers his own company over others. Even so, he is open to conversation to those who want to talk. His free time consists of watching... Read more »

Mckenna Brown: Soccer Extraordinaire

McKenna Brown

Geordan Scott, Reporter
May 20, 2014

Senior Mckenna Brown describes herself as weird, funny, carefree, responsible, and a outgoing. She can’t believe that she is graduating and going to college. Brown had a rough life growing up, but was able to do fun things like go on camping trips. “I fished better than anyone in my family,” said... Read more »

Joseph Phan the serious twin

Joseph Phan

Alexis Espinosa, Reporter
May 20, 2014

Joseph Phan the more serious twin. Joseph  Phan is finishing of the year with good grades, and good memories. Phan is a shy person, he but when you start talking to him, it is easy to see that he is a  unique and  outgoing person. Phan and his friend Joshua Woong started a ultimate frisbee club at... Read more »

Austin Lopez: Snoopy the GOON

Austin Lopez

Alexis Espinosa, Reporter
May 20, 2014

Austin Lopez the outgoing-crazy senior is eager to leave King to start his new life as a college boy. Lopez  is finishing off the year with good grades, even though he went downhill for a while; He got back up and he is giving it his all finishing as a strong senior. Austin is excited that he is going... Read more »

Jose Avalos Mustang boy

Jose Avalos

Alexis Espinosa, Reporter
May 20, 2014

Jose Avalos,a senior here at King is most known for his crazy ideas. Avalos is finishing the year the right way,by  getting accepted to his first choice of college, and on the side by having a great senior year with no worries. In his free time, Avalos likes to be outdoors with friends. He also likes... Read more »

Karina Alba-Cerritos: The Girl with a Heart of Gold

Karina Alba-Cerritos

Samuel Cervantes, Reporter
May 20, 2014

Karina Alba-Cerritos is a unique girl with a motherly instinct and a crazy desire for hats. She loves to help anyone, and her hats are out of the ordinary. She loves her childhood experience because “It was never sad at any point,”. Her favorite food is pupusas and her favorite movie is the Lion... Read more »

Yan Liang: The new girl

Screenshot 2014-05-15 at 2.20.02 PM

Kitana Gachero, Reporter
May 15, 2014

Yang Liang; the new girl that may come off as slightly meek, but actually very talkative. Liang came to Kipp King in her junior year and has already adjusted quickly. In the fall Liang plans to attend college out of state or at least be substantially far away from home. As her senior year comes to an... Read more »

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