Twilight series : Breaking Dawn (Part 1)

Alejandra Gonzalez, Reporter
December 15, 2011
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Breaking Dawn: Part One features Kristen Stewart as Bella and Robert Pattinson as Edward in Twilight which was released midnight November 18, 2011. This is the fourth movie following the Twilight series, which was first premiered in 2008. New Moon came out to theaters in 2009, and Eclipse came out to audiences in 2010. These movies are all based on the series of novels written by Stephenie Meyer.

In Twilight, the movie introduces the characters in the series, starting with Bella, a typical girl, who moves to Forks, Washington from Pheonix, Arizona. Bella falls madly in love with Edward at first sight and felt that her love was so strong for him that she couldn’t live without him, so she decides she wants to turn into a vampire so they can be together for eternity. On the other hand, A werewolf named Jacob also falls in love with Bella, but Edward’s family, the vampires and Jacob’s family, the werewolves have a history of centuries of hatred towards each other.

New Moon, premiered in 2009, continues the story with an accident which involved Bella, almost taking her life. Edward knows that he was a cause of the accident, and leaves Bella because he feels that being with Bella would bring danger into her life. Meanwhile, Jacob gets closer to Bella and tries to steal Bella’s heart. However, after Edward’s departure, Bella is exposed to more danger and needs Edward back.

Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight series shows more tension between the vampires and the werewolves. This third movie takes place during Edward and Bella’s senior year, with many events taking place such as Prom and Graduation. More conflicts arise as a group of new vampires led by a vampire named Victoria tries to hunt down Bella because they are rivals of Edward’s family.

Breaking Dawn is about the  process of turning Bella into one of the vampires after Bella’s acception of Edward’s proposal. The movie had some “really great special effects and some not-so-satisfying effects,” according to Jessica Hernandez, a freshman at King. It might of also been a little “cheesy”. Bella becomes really sick while pregnant with a half Vampire, half human child, she becomes fragile, thin and pale. In a scene where the werewolves are arguing, during the most intense and serious moment , it looked unrealistic and took the seriousness away, creating the feeling that you were watching a cartoon. Besides that part in the movie, the rest of the scences were realistic.

On the acting of characters, Josselyn Mejia, a senior at King commented that “Bella’s and Edward’s acting is really awkward” but that could have been a part of their character’s personality. Intense is the one word that can wrap up this movie. In Breaking Dawn: Part 1, the actors did really well in getting into character, making you feel like you were with them in the scene. The movie also had some very sweet moments that melted your heart.

La’More Jacks, freshman at King, also had an opinion in which the book was ten times better than the movie because “it has more detail and was a better perspective from the characters,”  saying, “you read like three pages on Bella speaking on just one thing”. Ending on a good note however, Mejia loved the movie because to her, “It was everything I expected, it was like reading the book all over again”. Many cannot wait to see what part 2 of Breaking Dawn, coming out around next year, will be like.


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