The Vow: A night full of romance

Alejandra Gonzalez, Reporter
February 17, 2012
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The Vow, staring Rachel McAdam’s and Channing Tatum was released in theaters on Friday, February 10, 2012.This romantic love story about a couple trying to revive their love after the main characters, Paige, (played by Rachael McAdams) and Leo, (played by Channing Tatum)  gets into a car accident weeks after their wedding. The Vowis  based on a true story. After Paige wakes up, she does not remember her husband, Leo and her memory ends with her last relationship. Leo’s whole goal is make her fall back in love with him once again.Illian Meza, a Junior at king had expectations for the movie. She commented  that “It better be really romantic, have some humor,realistic but not predictable and have a happy ending.” As for Okezi Ndubuisi, a senior at King,  said  that he’s “expecting it to make me cry and I want it to be something I can recommend to someone.” This movie did turn out to have some sad parts, you could just feel the intensity throughout the movie. Julian Cabrea,  senior recommends people who are going on dates to watch this movie because it was better than he expected. Although a lot of people were disappointed with the ending because it sort of left you hanging without knowing what ended up happening with the couple at the end.This movie reminded a lot of people of the classic love movies such as The Notebook as well as 50 First Dates because all three of the movies have a common theme where the  one of the main character loses their memory. All the movies were great, and as Zaida Portillo said, “I expected it to be sad and romantic and it was all the above.” Get to the theaters and check out the vow if you love romantic movies!



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