Josselyn Mejia: A good friend, a good listener

Alejandra Gonzalez, Reporter
April 23, 2012
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Here at KIPP King we have all different types of people: tall, short, athletic, artistic, and many more. What makes senior Josselyn Mejia stand out is her ability to be down to earth. She’s the type of girl you can talk to about anything and  expect her to avoid judgment.

Have you ever heard of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? There are things that people dont know about each other, and in Josselyn’s case,many people dont know that she is a great listener.“I would say I’m pretty helpful when people need advice,”  says Josselyn. She loves heartfelt things that make her open her eyes. She says that one of her favorite movies is Grand Torino because “it was touching to see a man like that grow emotional at an old age.”

Like many people, Josselyn has big plans for herself in the future but she has yet to put them all together. What is certain after high school is “community college and after, transfer.” She continues, saying, ” I either want to work as a nurse or dental hygienist, but for now hopefully get a job over the summer.”

Even though her high school experience will soon to be over, the memories will remain dear to her heart.Her friends will be a big part of what she misses. These are great friendships she would like to cherish“because we usually get to see each other every day at school and were most likely going to forget about each other when we leave.”

One of Josselyn’s favorite memories is sophomore year Quarter Games Dodge Ball “because it was super hot, a nice day, and there was a lot of food.” Of course, we don’t blame her, because who doesn’t love good food and fun activities?

We, as seniors, have gone through a long journey that has taught us a lot of lessons and has made us grow as individuals. Our high school year was not always been a walk in the park but that does not mean we have not had moments that have shined. So, Josselyn’s words of wisdom to the freshmen is “don’t ever procrastinate and remember: every little thing counts.”

When she first come into high school we have a completely different state of mind. She came in with the belief that things will stay the same as they have been, but  don’t realize that things change a lot until it actually starts happening: “I realized that time passes by really fast and that time can be wasted.” So, she says you should make every moment count.

Josselyn will remain in many people’s hearts once we turn the page for the next chapter.


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