Amiztli Sevilla: The next artista

Alejandra Gonzalez, Reporter
May 3, 2012
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Personalities are what makes each and every one of us unique. Amiztli Sevilla’s personality attracts people with her ability to laugh and make others laugh, but also be serious about can also be helpful in helping others out with their personal problems.

After long days or days off, some of us like going to the mall or playing sports,but Ami likes to take a different approach, she prefers drawing. “I like to spend quality time with my family but mostly drawing on my own.” Most people think this is all she does with her time off but what people don’t know is that she also goes out and tends to be the life of the party. She also enjoys socializing with people, and she often giggles during school “because a lot of times [she] can’t hold [her] laugh in class”.

Amiztli has made the decision that after high school she is going to a two year college. She said“since high school wasn’t that great,I want to do good so those who underestimated me can see I can do it.” She wants to achieve in art since this is one of her great passions. She wants people to know  that she has big plans: “just because a lot of people see [art] as a hobby rather than a career but I’m gonna show everyone that that’s not the case.”  She wants to take advantage of what she didn’t have in high school  for example “support for the art  students who want to look into an art career,” which for her is really good because that means she’s going to go out and search for what she needs and desires, having no limits.

Most of the regular schools don’t really have a chance to meet and talk to the people they are going to school with and that is why one of Ami’s memories that will remain with her is when we all as freshmen went to Stanford.She said she will remember it“because it was a way to meet friends and learn about the school.” Other events  that united everyone at school, like one of her favorite memories, Senior Retreat, are memories she loves. She says “it was a good experience to start the beginning of senior year with because we communicated with people we hadn’t spoken to as much before.”

Ami recommends the freshmen not “focus on things that don’t involve school including partying and relationships because in the end you will regret all those distractions, trust me.” She says this because she believes that if you let these distractions get in your way,when you are applying to colleges,or looking toward your future, it will be too late. Similarly, if there was one thing she could change, it would be “the effort [she] put in school because once time passes by you realize there are simple things you could have accomplished that would have made you a better person.”

Now that the school year is coming to an end and she is getting ready to graduate, she will miss her friends and the King environment. “That school spirit will not be there once you leave high school.” Despite all this, she is now ready to start her new journey in the next step to her life.


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