Jonathan Chang: A gamer and amazing baker

Omar Vega, Reporter
May 3, 2012
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Jonathan Chang, an anime and manga watching student at King spends his time with his friends whom he enjoys spending time with. To get an idea of who he is, Chang is a photographer whom at big events is usually the guy taking the pictures of all the fun to store for future memories. And the student who “will stay up until four in the morning watching anime.”

For his future education, Jonathan, is going to the University of California: Riverside, where he intends to major in Environmental Engineering. In the next five years he sees himself in UC Riverside studying and working. Although he is planning to pursue his major he is “not sure if I will continue with majoring with it because it is hard taking all classes and requirements, but then again it all depends on how the classes are at Riverside.” This is commonly seen throughout most of senior class.

Jonathan says he has no favorite memories from his years at King. But after further research, when asked Chang’s friends they admitted that they had plenty of memories with him. “Jonathan will be remembered by me as the kid who every, every single day took his lunch to school, usually rice in a glass bowl container and when he microwaved it he would do it with the plastic lid on the container. We told him thousands of times, ‘Jonathan! Don’t do that! Microwaving that plastic lid causes cancer!’ he never listened and said he did not care. We would watch a huge plastic bubble grow from the lid, and sometimes his food would have pieces of plastic in them.” Jonathan loves to eat food, so it would not be so surprising when a plethora amount of his friends said “Jonathan is an amazing baker.” Although Jonathan says he has no “fond” memories at King, his friends say they have a lot of memories with him.

Jonathan has definitely learned from his experiences at King, and this is the advice he gives the freshmen;

“Enjoy your first year of high school, it is the easiest. That is one of the years that matters the least but is still important. You should let it all out, and then wait until senior year. Never listen to the people who say freshmen year and senior year are not important. Especially your senior year. If you do not keep your grades the same then you will regret it.”

Jonathan says, “I don’t want to be remembered and I do not have any last words for King”, he will be remembered by all his friends and of course by the class of 2012. Jonathan is a quiet student at King, with great friends who always say he is funny and great to hang out with, and even though he stated that he will not miss anyone; his friends all laughed and they said, “We will miss him.”


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