Felipe Amezcua: A busy bison

Ricky Flores, Reporter
May 29, 2012
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Felipe otherwise known as “Bison” to many people is an extraordinary individual. He is a fun person because he is the “life of the party” as he  put it. Every weekend he has something to do- some party to go to, or some special event planned. He is almost never bored at home doing nothing because he lives an exciting life. Some of his hobbies include dirt bike riding, fixing cars, partying, and overall having a great time with his friends and getting the most out of life.

Felipe is also a very smart individual. When he wants to he can sound like a scholar, but when he acts lazy there is nothing that can get him to do his work. Overall Felipe is a nice guy to hang around.

Felipe was undecided when asked what he wanted to do after high school. He was stuck between entering the workforce or going to community college. He said he was leaning more to entering the workforce because he likes to make money as does everyone else in the world. Felipe does know what he wants his future to look like. On one hand he sees himself owning a mechanics shop and working as a mechanical engineer, which would require a degree, while on the other hand he debates working where he currently works full time in a family business. When asked if he wanted to have a family he responded, “I don’t know yet, I’ll see what happens”.

Felipe’s best King memories come from his group of friends. He said that all the funny things that went on kept him going through the hard times he faced at King. His best memories came from all the times he and his friends made jokes about one another because the exchanges of jokes were always hilarious. He also said that,“Senior Retreat was way better than I expected and I actually had good times.”

When asked to give advice to the freshmen Felipe laughed and said, “I don’t think my advice is that good.” He then replied, “Well I guess they would want to hear is ‘do your work, don’t be lazy and always believe in yourself and you’ll be fine.’” Felipe also told the freshmen to try to stay out of trouble because being in detention for hours isn’t worth what you’re about to do because you think it is funny. He learned that the hard way through most of his high school career.

Felipe, after thought and deliberation, said his last words to King are: “I know I didn’t try my best in school and I regret that but if it wasn’t for KIPP continually motivating me then I think it could have gone a lot worse.” Felipe Amezcua has left his mark on the environment at King  and he will never be forgotten.


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