Dilpreet Singh: Dolphin lover

Omar Vega, Reporter
June 5, 2012
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Who is that? Is it Dilly? Dillsum? Dilbert? Dilberto? Dilly the Dolphin? Dilpreet? Sukhpreet? The Dolphinator? No, it’s Dilpreet Singh the dolphin lover.

Most of Dilpreet’s friends know him by different nicknames and the most common is Dilly. “I started being called Dilly in Stanford during freshmen orientation.” Dilpreet is the kind of guy who is nice and prefers to solve everything without violence; he does this after following his role model Gandhi.

Dilly plans on going to the University of California: Irvine where he will major in neurobiology. Dilly says his mission in life is to find a cure for cancer. “If I don’t find a cure for cancer before I die I will feel like my life was meaningless. I think that that is my purpose in life.” After UC Irvine he plans on going to medical school to do cancer research. He will miss all of his friends but the person he will miss the most is Brandon. Brandon and Dilly have been best friends for a long time; sometimes they are referred to as “Harold and Kumar”. Although they will each go to different UC’s they will visit each other since many of Dillys friends will be attending Davis they will all still be in contact.

Dillys favorite memory of high school is the senior prom. “My first and last dance of high school. It was an amazing night just dancing it off with my friends on the dance floor. I guess what made it the most special is that all of my friends were there and it was my first dance.” He also talks about the “Dolphin Squad.” The dolphin squad is what the AP Environmental Science period 5 calls them-selves, which is one of his favorite parts of his senior year. “If you know why we are the Dolphin Squad then there will be no point in asking”, he says.” We owe it to Mr. Kangas.”

“To all freshmen: savior your moments in high school, don’t mess up and make sure you enjoy all four years because they are all different and you are presented different challenges.” Dilly enjoyed high school and didn’t do anything that jeopardized his education. When asked about his overall high school experience he said that, “it was good. Started off okay, and then got great. I guess it was great overall, made a lot of friends and met a lot of people.” He will also be missing his pride. “I think that another part that made my high school so amazing would be having my pride. I know that when I go to college it won’t be the same because I won’t meet up with the same people or see the same people for four years.”

Dilly has no specific words to say other than, “I will miss all of my friends, the degenerates, the Mexicans, Dolphin Squad, everyone. Class of 2012 we are the best! I will also miss some great teachers who were amazing through my high school experience.”


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