The Do’s and Don’ts on the first date


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Ivy Feng, Opinion Editor
March 19, 2012
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You are waiting in your room beside your phone. You check the mirror again to fix your hair and your dress. You breathe into your hand thinking, “My breath smells okay.” While glancing at the clock, you start to grow impatient because your date is late. Does your date even know their do’s and dont’s for a great first date?

10 Tips for a Great First Date

1) First impressions are everything on the first date. You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. This first date determines whether or not the other person will be up for a second date. Present yourself nicely. Dress appropriately. Shower, shampoo, shave, etc. If it’s casual, dress nicely, but don’t overdress, and girls, dress to impress. Wear makeup that matches, but don’t wear too much or your date will think they’re going out with a clown.

2) Pick a place where you can have a nice conversation to get to know your date. Movies aren’t the most ideal place because there won’t be communicating, but if you do decide on a movie date, plan for a meal afterwards. The point of a first date is to get to know about the person.

3) Be confident, but that doesn’t mean dragging your date around. Have confidence in yourself, tell yourself that you’ll have a great first date and a great time. Compliment your date and they’ll compliment you back, but don’t overdo it.

4) Bring your date a small gift. Nothing crazy, but just a small token such as a rose. A small gift lets your date know that you’re appreciating them for going on this date with you.

5) Don’t focus on yourself during the date. Don’t complain. Girls, don’t complain about your weight. You are who you are and be proud of that. Ask questions, get to know your date, and listen to them, be interested. NEVER talk about other dates or your exes.

6) Remember your manners. Guys, pay for the girl. If the girl insists on paying, let her.

7) Keep a safe distance. Meaning, don’t get too physical and keep body interactions at a minimum.

8) Don’t let your date last too long. Usually, the best time to finish a date is when you finish your meal.

9) Do not expect anything in return. Offer a small kiss on the cheek at the end or a quick hug, but don’t offer more and don’t expect anything back. Don’t push for the kiss. If it happens, then it happens, but keep it short and sweet. Leave him/her wanting more next time you meet.

10) If you want to see your date again, tell them, be honest about it. If you had a bad time, be honest, but not absolutely brutal. Don’t play hard to get.

You’re finally home after your date and you throw your purse to the ground. You shiver at the thought of when he tried to give you a goodnight kiss. You think to yourself, “My date totally did not follow the list of Do’s and Don’ts on the first date. My night was horrible.”


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