Felipe Amezcua: A busy bison

Ricky Flores, Reporter
May 29, 2012

Felipe otherwise known as “Bison” to many people is an extraordinary individual. He is a fun person because he is the “life of the party” as he  put it. Every weekend he has something to do- some party to go to, or some special event planned. He is almost never bored at home... (more...)

Tammy Shih: The sleepy head

Ricky Flores, Reporter
May 11, 2012

Have you ever seen or met a person with exceptional grades but when you see her class behavior, all you see is sleeping beauty with her face on the desk? If you haven’t then I would like to introduce you to Tammy Shih. The most interesting fact I could tell you is that one of her favorite... (more...)

Eduardo: Soccer player extraordinaire

Ricky Flores, Reporter
April 27, 2012

What is that on the field? Is it Pepe? Is it Benzema? Is it Cristiano Ronaldo? No it’s Eduardo De Leon, the greatest soccer player that ever lived. Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but it is no lie that Eduardo has the potential to be a great soccer player. Eduardo is an interesting case... (more...)

Boring, old Pedro Ramirez

Ricky Flores, Reporter
April 24, 2012

Have you ever had a friend that always wants to do something but never tells anyone about is his plans? Well, Pedro Ramirez is that one guy. He is generally always around his friends, and is really friendly when you get to know him well. Pedro really enjoys watching sports with his father:... (more...)

High school student finds possible cure to cancer

Ricky Flores, Reporter
April 10, 2012

In 2011, Angela Zhang, a high school student from Cupertino, discovered a potential cure to one of the world’s most deadly diseases that has killed thousands of people: cancer. Her findings all started because of an interest in bio-engineering. She began studying and reading college level... (more...)

Ghost stories in the Bay Area

Ricky Flores, Reporter
March 19, 2012

My mom has had personal experience with ghosts, (or so she says) she has told me that the home we currently live in was previously haunted by not so much an evil spirit but a mischievous one. I was two years old when this spirit inhabited our home. According to my mom, sometimes when I would... (more...)

pizza (1)

Which is the best pizza?

Ricky Flores, Reporter
February 17, 2012

All of us have been to a pizza place where we thought that was the absolute best pizza we’ve ever had. In this issue, we’ll explore which pizza reigns supreme over the others in the mouths of the greater public. I compared Round Table Pizza, Costco pizza, and Porky’s Pizza Palace to see... (more...)

School comparison

Ricky Flores, Reporter
February 3, 2012

I never expected to come here. I thought I would go to Arroyo like all of my friends. Instead, I was enrolled at Kipp King Collegiate High School, a place that forever changed my life in ways I never considered. King is an example of a rising institution of KIPP schools that are attempting... (more...)

Soccer Season Overlook

Ricky Flores, Journalist
December 1, 2011

Soccer Season Overlook By: Ricky Flores The boys soccer team has had a great season this year, full of joy and hardships that they struggled with, but overcame as a team. Though the King Lions didn’t bring the title home, they fought for it with a valiant effort that we should all recognize. Despite... (more...)