Diana Moua: The girl who will live to be 100 years old

Ivy Feng, Opinion Editor
May 11, 2012

Diana Moua is a music loving girl who wants to live to 100 and travel around the world and live her life to the fullest. Diana Moua is one of the many King students who entered the KIPP system at a young age and it is now coming to an end. As an upcoming Freshman at UC Davis, she is fairly... (more...)


Gurpreet Kaur: Future skincare expert

Ivy Feng, Opinion Editor
May 7, 2012

Future dermatologist Gurpreet Kaur is just another senior at King who is prone to tripping in a particular hallway in the main building. Gurpreet is unsure about what to do in the future, but she is considering taking a year long break from school. If she decides not to, she will go to Chabot... (more...)


Myura Trawick: Talented anime artist

Ivy Feng, Opinion Editor
April 30, 2012

Myura Trawick is a self-described awkward artist, active Tumblr blogger who takes care of the strangest pets and erroneously claims that she doesn’t have much of a life. Myura Trawick entered the KIPP system at the young age of 10 years old, and now her experience at KIPP is coming to an... (more...)


Agatha Chiu: The international girl

Ivy Feng, Opinion Editor
April 24, 2012

A stylish adventurer, Agatha Chiu wants to travel the whole world while munching on pocky sticks and jamming out to rock songs. She came to KIPP King Collegiate during her junior year and her experience is already starting to end this fall. She will be an upcoming freshman at UC Santa Cruz,... (more...)

Seafood Paella

Food around the world!

Ivy Feng, Opinion Editor
April 11, 2012

One hundred days around the world wouldn’t be enough time to taste every variety of food countries have to offer. Every country in the world has its own unique and tasteful delicacies. Asia, Europe, and South America in particular have special kinds of flavors found in their dishes. In the... (more...)

Relationship between lower and upperclassmen at King

Ivy Feng, Opinion Editor
April 10, 2012

A senior is walking up the hall to her next class. A freshman in the same hallway is walking down the hall toward the senior to their next class. Step by step, the gap between them starts to close. Their shoulders collide as they try to maneuver around each other, but as they quickly apologize... (more...)


The Do’s and Don’ts on the first date

Ivy Feng, Opinion Editor
March 19, 2012

You are waiting in your room beside your phone. You check the mirror again to fix your hair and your dress. You breathe into your hand thinking, “My breath smells okay.” While glancing at the clock, you start to grow impatient because your date is late. Does your date even know their do’s... (more...)


Homework or no work?

Ivy Feng, Opinion Editor
February 6, 2012

Three pages of math worksheets, one history chapter to read and take notes on, an English essay to finish, two diagrams to draw for biology, and four pages in the Spanish workbook to do tonight. Homework has been one of the many things students often disapprove. They claim that it’s a waste... (more...)

Rainbow Flag

You should care about LGBTQ rights

Ivy Feng, Opinion Editor
January 24, 2012

L.G.B.T.Q. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. Many people in society have ignored, isolated, and pushed this community away because they don’t want to break tradition or the status quo. Because these individuals are not the “same”, people think they shouldn’t be considered... (more...)

ps3 (1)

Victory or game over?

Ivy Feng, Opinion Editor
December 16, 2011

Video gaming is a part of life for most teens and/or children. New video games are constantly being improved and released into the market and gamers are constantly buying them. Video games are the “1-ups” in life. Not all games teach violence because it ultimately depends on what video... (more...)

Discussion Group

Harkness: good for the mind

Ivy Feng, Opinion Editor
October 19, 2011

“I agree with your statement!” This year, Harkness has returned to King classrooms to prepare the students for future college discussions.  King teachers have been stressing the importance of participating in Harkness, but some students don’t understand why they should. This year’s... (more...)